Jan 14

Website color charts

Anyone creating websites has come across a need for color charts. Whether picking a background, a font color, a border color, or any other colored control / feature it is crucial to have some sort of reference to work from. I’m not that artsie (sp?) so I don’t have the color codes memorized due to high use, but I also hate going and looking for decent ones.

As I find decent charts, I’ll add them here.

The main reason I like this first one listed is that it has not only the codes, but it shows me pictures of each of the CSS standard color codes. I am often coding away and am trying to pick a color but the intellisense only has the color NAME… not a sample next to it. Now I can whip out my handy dandy color chart via the link below, find the color I want visually, and then use the name specified next to it. Life is good.

Color Chart: http://www.neopets.com/~triflot