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I just registered some new domain names and while I was checking out with godaddy I noticed the coupon code box. I normally just ignore such items and move on because I very rarely have a coupon. Then I remembered that my wife ALWAYS looks for a coupon before buying anything online. I always make fun of her… but these domains were going to be bought by “the business”. For some reason I am much more conservative with the the business’ funds than I am with my own. This is probably because I want the business to be self sustaining or maybe it’s just my baby and I don’t want “it” to make the same mistakes I have made… in any case the business is a penny pincher. So I decided to do a search for some coupons… it turned out to be worth it. My original total for what I was buying (2 .com + 2 .net) was $46 or so. When I got done I had spent about $35.  That’s close to 25% savings. Not a ton, but the savings amounts to another domain I can purchase or any number of other small things that startups can do with $10 whether it be a month of advertising or whatever.

I figured I would pass on the codes I found that were active at the time. Some of them supposedly do not expire.

  1. yhkw105a = 6.99 .com (or other???) renewals/new
  2. cjcdeal749 FOR ($7.49 .NET, .ORG, .BIZ domains, new registrations only)
  3. OYH3 – 2.50 off / $7.45 any .COM (new an renewals)
  4. BTPS7 – 20% any order of $50 or more
  5. OYH1 – 10% off whatever
  6. OYH2 – $5 off a $30 purchase
  7. gdr0244d = 10% .net

I used 1 and 2 to do mine. They are not stackable (or I was not able to stack them) so I ended up having to check out twice – once for the .com and the other for the .net – but it was a lazy morning and it only took about 5 extra minutes. So, if I do the math that comes out to about $120 an hour…

I won’t guarantee these will last forever, but I didn’t see any expirations on them. Hopefully someone else will find them useful.

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  2. Godaddy promo code update. Many of the regular coupons have changed. Here’s the new promo codes that are activated. These coupons will work at Godaddy. $7.49 .com Domains and Manual renewals – Use Godaddy coupon codes ZINE10, GOO3, or OK9. 25% discount on orders of $100+ – Use Godaddy promo code OK25. 30% Discount when you buy any com domain – Use Go Daddy promo code OK30. $12.99 SSL Certificates – Use Godaddy coupons GOOSSL, OKSSL, or ZINESSL. Host Plan Promo Code – 20% Off Hosting – Use Godaddy coupons OK20H, ZINE20H1 or GOO20H. 10% off any size order – Use Godaddy coupon codes OK7, GOO1 or ZINE8. $5 Off $30 or More – Use coupons GOO2 or ZINE9. 20% Off Any order of $50 or more – Use Godaddy coupon code OK8.

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