Nov 07

Learn CSS

I do not teach CSS. I link to CSS tutorials. Hopefully you can learn something there.

Okay, fine. I’ll teach one thing:
In CSS, speficially in style.css, the pound sign (#) is how you address a DIV with an id. The period is how you address a DIV with a class. For a class example, if your markup is

then use .wrapper instead of #wrapper to address the wrapper DIV.
Nov 07

Validating CSS and XHTML

Sometimes when working with CSS and / or XHTML (like when creating a new wordpress theme) we will want to validate any changes we have made. I have provided a pair of tools that allows for just that. Just copy the text from the file you want to validate into these tools and *poof* it will tell you if there are any errors.

A markup validator service –
Note: You can provide the url, upload the file, or just copy and paste the text of the file.

A CSS validator service –
Note: Same as above

Nov 07

Sinus Cocktail

My wife was recently feeling very ill for about a week. It was just the general “crud” (headache, achy, runny nose, cough, sneeze, etc). She finally broke down and decided to go to the doctor. I asked her what she thought was going to come from such a trip. Quite matter of factly she told me that she would at least get a Sinus Cocktail.

Well, around these parts (Memphis area) everyone has heard of a Sinus Cocktail. It’s a collection of shots that sometimes works miracles towards making someone who is having any sinus related issues feel almost human once again. Personally I had never heard of it before I moved here, but like I said, everyone around here has heard of it.

I am not a fan of antibiotics (actually I am, i just have strong feelings that they are overused) so I wanted to find out what was in this mythical “Sinus Cocktail”. Any antibiotics would be a big turnoff for me. The best guess I have is the following… I found it in the comments of someone’s blog and it sounded reasonable. I’ve got some doctor friends I’ll be checking with as well to confirm. But here it is… no antibiotics in this recipe… that makes me relatively happy.

Usual contents are 1/2 cc of each of the following:

  • Brompheniramine (antihistamine)
  • Dexamethasone 8 (dex 8 is a long acting steroid to reduce swelling of sinus membranes)
  • Dexamethasone 4 (dex4 is a faster acting steroid)
  • Diphenhydramine (benedryl. This might or might not be included, depends on the doctor and the patient)

[Added since original post: I did check with some of my doc buddies. The ingredients sound right on to them. It varies by doctor but basically some sort of steroid to reduce inflamation and some sort of decongestant to clear you out. Then maybe an anthistimine to calm and reactions the body might be having down. ]

Nov 07

Show Rownumber In Datagrid

It is often useful to show a rownumber in a datagrid. For example if you have a list of things that are displayed in “Rank order”. How can we do this? It’s pretty easy actually. Just add the below column definition to your datagrid in order to show the rownumber.

<asp:templatecolumn headertext=”Row Number”>
  <span><%# Container.ItemIndex+1 %></span>
Nov 03

wordpress theme tutorial

I had originally planned to do the PoolOfThought site in a completely different mold. However, after careful consideration I decided I could probably get just as much functionality (if not more) by using WordPress and just “themeing” it to look the way I want.  Once that decision was made all I needed was a tutorial.

I found several decent tutorials, but my favorite was this one. Maybe someone else will find it useful as well.