Nov 07

Show Rownumber In Datagrid

It is often useful to show a rownumber in a datagrid. For example if you have a list of things that are displayed in “Rank order”. How can we do this? It’s pretty easy actually. Just add the below column definition to your datagrid in order to show the rownumber.

<asp:templatecolumn headertext=”Row Number”>
  <span><%# Container.ItemIndex+1 %></span>
Nov 03

wordpress theme tutorial

I had originally planned to do the PoolOfThought site in a completely different mold. However, after careful consideration I decided I could probably get just as much functionality (if not more) by using WordPress and just “themeing” it to look the way I want.  Once that decision was made all I needed was a tutorial.

I found several decent tutorials, but my favorite was this one. Maybe someone else will find it useful as well.