Feb 02

DOMCOP – A Tool for Domainers Looking to Catch High Quality Dropping Domains

I don’t remember exactly how it started, but over the last few years I’ve acquired a little over 400 domains. I bought a domain about 10 years ago and carefully built a nice site. It climbed in the ranks over the years, but considering that the domain name was cool only to me and I didn’t already have a lot SEO expertise it just never really had a chance. I diligently worked on the site for 8 years making no more than $1000 per year. I experimented with different revenue streams and models (affiliates, subscription, membership, even pay what you can!), but nothing turned it around because the traffic simply wasn’t there.

Finally I “gave up on it” and decided to move on to another project. It was in the same niche, but just not exactly the same. And it required maybe 1% as much work. It was just much smaller.  I was able to buy some exact match domains to match the concept (mind you at this point I’ve got something like 10 domains) and I coded up the project. I’ll be damned if in the first month I didn’t make what I had made the entire previous year. So I started to see if it was repeatable and bought more domains. BAM by the end of the first year I made 5x what I had made in the previous 8 years combined! Nice. So now I had it all figured out – or so I thought. I basically reinvested most of the earnings and I ended up spending tons of money (tens of thousands of dollars) to buy domains that would fit what I was trying to do. The idea was right, the execution was horrible.

If I could do it all again I’d do it differently. I would not buy from third parties near as much, and I’d buy pre-releases of dropped domains more often. Something I didn’t know when I bought from third parties was that I was buying domains that they’d simply bought off the drop. That means I could have had just as much a chance paying a service to try buying them for $69 rather than several hundred or up to $2000 dollars. It probably cost me $10000 to learn that little lesson.

So I could wait until they dropped if I could spot them before hand, but there is a problem with buying dropped domains. A domain’s age resets to 0 when it deletes / drops. If you can manage to get these domains before they drop you can keep the age bonus that many search engines grant. Basically an older domain has a little more street cred as far as the search engines are concerned. If you want to rank quickly in the search engines then having an aged domain will only help.

If you can get aged domains with a lot of clout (page rank) to point to a site that you want to rank high then you can help that site rank well quickly. The problem is that it’s darn near impossible to find sites with a lot of legitimate link juice and to get them to point to your site. You can (and should) reach out to other sites and share your site with them to get them to see the value you provide, but you can also jumpstart the process yourself if you’re willing to do a little extra work. It’s actually a LOT of extra work unless you know the right tools. That’s where DomCop.com comes in.

DomCop is basically a search engine for expired domains. You can use it to find domains that match all kinds of metrics (Page rank, age, number of links, types of links [gov, edu, etc], alexa rank, and much more). Then, once you’ve found a domain you can try to buy those domains BEFORE they are deleted. Or you can stand ready to snatch them up when they actually are deleted. Their tool makes it so easy to find domains that will help you in your SEO efforts. They’ve even got a pretty great tour to show you how to use their site for maximum benefit.


[Click on the above screen shot for a large clear view]

As you can see from that screen shot it’s a very informative and useful tool. Whether you want to utilize the purchased domain for your main site or you want to build a set of quality links to your main site from high link powered domains DomCop can help you find the domains that will give you the most value for the least effort. I’ve bought a few domains that I found using their engine and I’ll even be using it to enable me to continue to trim my domain holdings. By identifying and buying a few strong domains and letting quite a few weaker ones go I’ll lower my renewal fees (less domains) and have stronger sites helping improve the ranking of those I do maintain.

If you decide to use DomCop let me know how it works for you in the comments section below. Maybe you’ll use it some way I’ve never thought of before and you can help me get even more value from it!

Aug 22

Locating Wifi Users Spatially – Are there tools to make it happen?

Okay, guys. The saga continues. In previous installments I’ve discussed my reasons for leaving my wireless access point open (or not open). In general I’d prefer it be open  partially because I want to be a nice guy and partially because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to tell legitimate users (short term guests, family, contractors, visitors) how to connect to the internet. I hate being at the bowling alley and having to ask them how to connect, and even though my house is in a neighborhood if someone needs to connect I don’t really want to have to get involved.

An issue reared its head (again) last night while I was working on one of my websites. All of a sudden my internet speed went to nothing. It was late at night so I thought about just saying “woohoo BED TIME”, but I really wanted to get what I was working on done. Then I got curious. I went and checked my wireless router and saw that there was an extra device making use of it. I’d seen this before and had little slow downs, but it’s usually during off hours and I don’t need full throttle so I don’t worry about it.This time it was somehow affecting my own ability to do work and that is enough to get me agitated.

I didn’t do anything about it because it became an interesting thing to think about… how could I actually find out which person around me it was making use of my connection? Was it my neighbor that is only steps from my house? What about my other neighbor that is a little further away but still within range since there are no obstructions between our houses. Maybe it was an across the street neighbor? Maybe it was someone who wasn’t a neighbor at all and was just parked in the street in the general vicinity. Maybe one of the people that live in the house bought themselves a new cellphone / tablet and didn’t tell me and they’re playing on it or updating an OS or something huge like that. How could I find out?

Well, eventually I fell asleep in my chair and I didn’t come up with an answer, and even today I don’t have one. But what I’m thinking would be cool would be some kind of way of the router being able to tell you the general direction an incoming signal is coming from. My particular router has two antenna so it seems like it’s at least POSSIBLE if the router was smart enough. Or maybe someone out there knows of a cool gadget that I could buy that I could hold in my hand and walk around with that would be a sort of “man in the middle device”. It would be integrated with the router such that it could take over connections and forward them on to the router, but be mobile and be able to actually measure things like traffic speed to the connecting device. So as you carried this gadget around and walked away from a device you’d see the speed drop, and as you walked towards it the speed would go up… sort of a “hotter, colder” game. atleast then I could stand on one of of my house and know if the signal was coming from that direction or not.

I think it would be neat and definitely functional. It would allow me to stroll on over to a particular neighbor’s house and deal with them directly and politely rather than having to just cut it off for everyone or start banning devices.

Have any of you seen such a tool or bit of functionality in an existing router? Or another device that would actually help me solve this mystery? Maybe there’s a device out there that does this an much more. Maybe I’d have to buy three routers that all respond to the same channels and work together as a team and then they could be used to pinpoint all connected devices (spatially). I don’t know, but it’s an interesting thought experiment and something I would have found useful, so I thought I’d put the question out there. If one of you invents such a device now send me a note – maybe I’ll be your first customer!

May 23

Fixed – I was not receiving emails of wordpress comments and updates

I finally got around to investigating what I had thought was probably a problem. I have a few wordpress sites that I wasn’t receiving emails when comments were made.

Basically, what I found was that the email address under the User->Admin profile didn’t match the one under the Settings->Email Address blank. I fixed that and poof I started getting the emails saying there were comments to approve… now I’ll actually be able to know when someone responds!

To be honest, I’m not sure if they have to be the same, or if they have to be somewhere that won’t be “blocked”. I host my own email so I changed them from an old “aol.com” address to an address within their own domain. I plan to stick with this model, even though it may not be required.


Feb 21

Quick notes on my first book scanner

I’ve been working on my first scanner. I decided to build the “new standard scanner”. The step by step guide to building it can be found here, but as it is fresh in my mind I want to throw out a couple of notes.

First, you only have to be pretty accurate in your measurements and cuts. For the most part the tolerance is quite large… which is good for me. 🙂

Second, this is a 90 degree scanner. That is, the book is held open at 90 degrees. Between 100 and 110 degrees is going to be a little better. The thing is that at 90 you are very close to ideal partly because your book bindings won’t get messed up from being opened too far. However, if you make it closer to 100 degrees you will get most of the same   benefit while also removing a small amount of “reflection” where the camera picks up the page across from what it’s shooting. It’s just a suggestion, but I’ll be building my second version to 100 degrees or maybe even up to  110 degrees. What would be awesome is if you angle was adjustable. And now that I think about it that might not be that hard and would be worth looking in to.

Third, do pre-drill holes before you screw them, especially on pieces of wood that you just spent a long time cutting! The screw can split your wood if you’re not careful.




As a super final last note I have to mention that while writing this post I went to the  main diybookscanner.org page and then clicked on forum. When I did I was  redirected to some other site… I think it  was either an “ru” or an “nu” and had ff in it somewhere, I think. I was unable to reproduce it, and nothing ever loaded on the page,  but it somehow caused me to be logged out of most sites.  I’ve never had any problems visiting the diy site before, but I thought I’d mention it just in case.


Jun 12

Upgrading MySql

Apparently the last time I set up MySql I did it using some cheap (like crappy) installer. It didn’t include any of the extension dlls. I’ve now decided it is much less of a headache to simply download the zip file and do the configuration myself. A link to the instructions I followed. Worked great when I did so.

Installing PHP.

The path used for PHP is just an example, you can choose another if you want.

  • Extract the archive in C:\PHP (Rename it if necessary)
  • Rename C:\PHP\php.ini-recommended to C:\PHP\PHP.INI

Configure the Session directory

  • Open C:\PHP\PHP.INI

Make sure you remove the initial semicolons!

  • Find
;session.save_path = "/tmp"

replace it with

session.save_path = "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP"
  • Find
; **You CAN safely turn this off for IIS, in fact, you MUST.**
; cgi.force_redirect = 1

replace it with

; **You CAN safely turn this off for IIS, in fact, you MUST.**
cgi.force_redirect = 0

Configure PHP extensions

  • Find
; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
extension_dir = "./"

replace it with

; Directory in which the loadable extensions (modules) reside.
extension_dir = "C:\PHP\EXT"

If you can’t find “extension_dir” in your C:\PHP\PHP.INI file, add it to the bottom of the file.

MySQL extension

As Gallery 2 uses a database to store it’s metadata, you need to enable database support in PHP. This guide uses MySQL, but the procedure would be similar for Postgres or Oracle.

  • Find

replace it with


Gettext extension

  • In order to make the localization of g2 (multi-language) work you need the gettext extension of php. This can be enabled in php.ini. G2 does hint you for that. However gettext is a little strange extension.
  • Find

replace it with


But now comes the crux. php_gettext.dll is depending on \php-install-dir\dll\iconv.dll All other extensions work flawlessly for me. But gettext.dll required me to put iconv.dll into a dir that is included in the searchpath. E.g. /windows/system32 I then overreacted and copied all dll’s to that /system32 dir. The manual of php 4 tells you to copy the dll’s to the /php-install-dir/ but that only works if you add manually the php dir into the path statement of windows.

GD2 extension

Find the extension in your php.ini and remove the # in front of the line ;extension=php_gd2.dll

  • Find

replace it with



Make PHP available to IIS

Set the system path to include C:\PHP

  • Click on My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables
  • Scroll down the System Variables (bottom window) and doubeclick on the PATH variable
  • Add the following to the end (make sure you add the initial semicolin)
  • Click OK

Make PHP.INI available to PHP

  • While you still have the Environment variables window open click new
  • In the Variable Name field enter
  • Set the Variable Value to

This will make PHP.INI available to PHP (We will verify this later)

Configuring IIS

You have a choice of whether to setup PHP to use the ISAPI extension, CGI executable, or using FastCGI. The ISAPI extension is not fully stable, and the CGI executable’s performance is very poor because after every request the php-cgi.exe executable is unloaded. So if the php-cgi.exe executable is always loaded into memory then that would greatly increase the performance. There are two ways of doing this.
1. Spend $500 for Zend’s own WinEnabler [2]
2. Setup the free FastCGI program that does the same thing as WinEnabler

The recommended way of running PHP on IIS is using FastCGI. Below you will find instructions on how to setup PHP using ISAPI but if your site is going to serve lots of pages, you will probably want to go with FastCGI.

Add the PHP ISAPI extension to IIS Web Service Extensions

  • Click on Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
  • Expand the local computer in the left pane
  • Click on “Web Service Extensions” in the left pane
  • In the right pane, click the blue underlined text, “Add a new Web service extension…”
  • Enter “PHP5 ISAPI” as the “Extension name”
  • Click the “Add…” button and browse to the php5isapi.dll file in your C:\PHP install directory
  • Click Open -> OK
  • Check the “Set extension status to Allowed” checkbox and click “OK”

Adding the PHP parsing to your IIS website

Note: You can add this either on the top-level Web Sites or to individual web sites beneath it. If you add it to the top-level web sites node in the left pane, it applies to all websites on the IIS instance. You can also choose to only install it on specific websites beneath the top-level node, in that case it will only apply to that site. The procedure for adding is the same for both scopes.

Be careful when applying this to the top-level node, as it will override settings defined in the individual websites beneath it.

  • In the left pane, expand Web Sites
  • Right Click the website you want to configure, and select properties
  • Open the Home Directory tab
  • Click Configuration
  • Then go to the Mappings tab
  • Click Add…
  • Enter the full path to php5isapi.dll in the “Executable” textbox or click the Browse button to browse your way to it. If you have followed the path recommendations in this guide, the fill path should be C:\PHP\php5isapi.dll
  • Enter .php in the Extension textbox
  • Select Limit to, enter GET,POST,HEAD
  • Click OK and verify that .PHP is now included in the Application extensions listbox
  • Click OK

This configures IIS to understand what to do with files ending with .php

Adding scripting permissions

  • While still having the Web Site Properties dialog box open, click Home Directory
  • Make sure that “Execute permissions” dropdown is set to “Scripts only”.
  • Click OK
Jun 09

Tennessee Conceal and Carry in Restaurants

Late last week the Tennessee legislature passed a law that will allow those with a carry permit to bring their weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol. Previously, this was against the law. There are some caveats though. The person carrying is not allowed to drink any alcohol at all (that is definitely reasonable). As always, signs posted by the restaurant owners can be used to prevent the legal carrying of weapons onto the property (those signs still won’t prevent illegal weapons though).

At the current point and time I’m glad that the law has been modified. I live in Bartlett, close to Memphis, and Memphis is a high crime area. I carry everywhere I go. I occasionally like to go out and eat with my wife and kids. Previously, I had to take some pretty big chances.

I could:

(1) Take my firearm in to the restaurant and hope it wasn’t spotted. If I was it could cost me a hefty fine or possibly the loss of my firearm and my permit.

(2) Leave my firearm in my car and pray that it was not broken in to while I was inside

(3) Leave my firearm at home

(4) Skip eating out altogether

Option (1) kept my family and I safe for the entire dining experience. Option (1) and (3) kept the gun from being stolen. Option (2) kept us safe while we were in the car, but not going between the car and the restaraunt (the most likely time to get robbed, etc) and it also put the gun itself at risk.

With these things in mind I am very pleased with the updated law. I know I will eat out more knowing I won’t have to leave my firearm that I almost always carry in my car. I don’t shop at stores where signs are posted that firearms are not allowed and I have no intentions of eating at such an establishment either. I know others feel equally strong in the opposite direction on this subject and all I can say is that as a responsible carry permit holder I strongly believe I am in the right on this one.

I read this comment the other day and thought it was about as true as it gets:

“… and yes if you sat next to me and my kids in McDonalds in the playground area, you were within 10 feet of a gun and never knew it. truthfully that was as safe as you and your kids could be without a police officer at the next table over.”

Jun 06

Success and Motivation (1 of 8)

The quoted text below was copied directly from BlogMaverick.com with the permission of Mark Cuban. The source link is http://blogmaverick.com/2004/04/23/success-and-motivation-part-1/.

I did it too. I drove by big houses and would wonder who lived there. What did they do for a living? How did they make their money? Someday, I would tell myself, I would live in a house like that. Every weekend I would do it.

I read books about successful people. In fact, I read every book or magazine I could get my hands on. I would tell myself 1 good idea would pay for the book and could make the difference between me making it or not.

I worked jobs I didn’t like. I worked jobs I loved, but had no chance of being a career. I worked jobs that barely paid the rent. I had so many jobs my parents wondered if I would be stable. Most of them aren’t on my resume anymore because I was there so short a time or they were so stupid I was embarrassed. You don’t want to write about selling powdered milk or selling franchises for TV repair shops. In every job, I would justify it in my mind whether I loved it or hated it that I was getting paid to learn and every experience would be of value when I figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up.

If I ever grew up, I hoped to run my own business some day. It’s exactly what I told myself every day. In reality, I had as much doubt as confidence. I was just hoping the confidence would win over the doubt and it would all work out for the best.

I remember being 24 years old, living in Dallas in a 3-bedroom apartment with 5 other friends. This wasn’t a really nice place we all kicked in to move up for. This place has since been torn down. Probably condemned. I didn’t have my own bedroom. I slept on the couch or floor depending on what time I got home. I had no closet. Instead I had a pile that everyone knew was mine. My car had the usual hole in the floorboard, a ‘77 FIAT X19 that burned a quart of oil that I couldn’t afford every week.

To make matters worse, because I was living on happy hour food, and the 2 beers cover charge, I was gaining weight like a pig. My confidence wasn’t at an all time high. I was having fun. Don’t get me wrong. I truly was having a blast. Great friends, great city, great energy, pretty girls. Ok, the pretty girls had no interest in my fat and growing ass at the time, but that’s another story….

I was motivated to do something I loved. I just wasn’t sure what it was. I made a list of all the different jobs I would love to do. (I still have it.) The problem was that I wasn’t qualified for any of them. But I needed to pay the bills.

I finally got a job working as a bartender at a club. A start, but it wasn’t a career. I had to keep on looking during the day.

About a week later I answered a want ad out of the newspaper for someone to sell PC Software at the first software retail store in Dallas. The ad was actually placed by an employment agency. The fee was to be paid by the company, so I gave it a shot.

I put on my interview face, and of course my interview suit, which just happened to be one of my 2 polyester suits that I had bought for the grand total of 99 dollars. Thank god for 2-fer, 2-fer, 2-fer madness at the local mens clothing store. Grey Pinstripe. Blue Pinstripe. Didn’t matter if it rained, those drops just rolled down the back of those suits. I could crumple them. They bounced right back. Polyester, the miracle fabric.

I wish I could say the blue suit and my interview skills impressed the employment agency enough to set up the interview with the software store. In reality, not many had applied for the job and the agency wanted the fee so they would have sent anyone over to interview. I didn’t care.

I pulled out the grey for my interview at Your Business Software. I was fired up. It was my shot to get into the computer business, one of the industries I had put on my list!

I remember the interview well. Michael Humecki the Prez, and Doug (don’t remember his last name), his partner double-teamed me. Michael did most of the talking to start. He asked me if I had used PC software before. My total PC experience at the time was on the long forgotten TI/99A that had cost me 79 dollars. I used it to try to teach myself Basic while recovering from hangovers and sleeping on the floor while my roommates were at work. They weren’t impressed.

I was trying to pull out every interview trick I knew. I went through the spiel about how I was a good salesperson, you know the part of the interview where you are basically begging for a job, using code phrases like “I care about the customer”, “I promise to work really, really hard” and “I will do whatever it takes to be successful”. Unfortunately, I was getting that “well if no one else applies for the job, maybe” look from Michael.

Finally, Doug spoke up. He asked me. “What do you do if a customer has a question about a software package and you don’t know the answer?” All of the possible answers raced through my mind. I had to ask myself if this was the “honesty test question” you know where they want to see if you will admit to things you don’t know. Is this some trick technology question and there is an answer everyone but me knows? After who knows how long, I blurted out that “I would look it up in the manual and find the answer for them.” Ding, ding, ding…Doug just loved this answer.

Michael wasn’t as convinced, but he then asked me the question I was dying to hear: “Would you not go back to the employment agency at all, so when we hire you we don’t have to pay the fee?” I was in.

What does all this mean? Nothing yet. It was just fun to tell. You have to wait till part 2, if you care, and if there is a part two. Right now, it’s much more important that I go play with my daughter.

Apr 19

Memphis Metropolitan Area – Home service providers I’ve used

My family recent bought a new (to us) home. It was a foreclosure. It had been vacant for well over a year and had an interesting history as far as owners were concerned. It was not foreclosed because someone wasn’t able to pay their outrageously termed loan or loan they should have never gotten  (like the current real estate mess), and I don’t want to get into why it was foreclosed, but it was.

Well, just being vacant will do a number on a house. But neglect while occupied will also cause some problems. This house had both! We got a good deal, but it’s costing us some money and some sweat to get it back into decent shape. We have contracted out a couple of things to be done (repairs, inspections, etc) and been treated very well by most everyone involved. If you are in the Memphis metropolitan area (Memphis, Bartlett, Germantown, Collierville, Eads, north Mississippi), then I would recommend any of these folks for your needs.

Hinton Homes LLC – These guys did major reconstructive surgery on the home. They did the job right and are reasonably priced for their construction services. They repaired substantial portions of our leaking roof, repaired sheetrock, extended other areas of roof shingles so they would be good for gutters, put all new sophets and facia (forgive me if I do not spell it correctly) in place as the old ones were rotted.

HomeAnalyzers – They came out and inspected the home. They were very thorough and went beyond our expectations. Jim found several issues that home inspectors should find and some that many would not have found. By the way, that reminds me… always hire your own inspector when buying a house. Do not let the bank or seller hire an inspector. It might cost you a few hundred extra to get your own, but it is WELL WORTH IT to know that he has YOUR BEST INTEREST in mind when inspecting rather than the sellers.

Lowes – This one seems weird to mention because it’s not local. But we got a great deal on some things so I figured I’d give them a little free press. If you move and you tell them via their website they will send you a coupon for !0% off. We got 10% off up to $5000 because we were “moving”. It’s a one time coupon, but since be bought close to $5000 worth of flooring it was useful. We might have come across two coupons actually (one for each address). So that’s up to $1000 in savings. It’s appreciated. The one thing I wish they had was a “consolidation” function. We needed about 2000 sq ft of flooring. Three stores in the area carried it. Each had one pallet on hand which was about 800 sq ft. We had to go to each store, pay individually at each store, and haul FROM each store. Seems that they could provide a service in which they consolidate and deliver… but in any case they had the product we wanted at the best price.

OneStop Pest Control – The house had some termite issues. These guys are local to our area and came out and did the treatment DURING the reconstruction process so they could get to the “bare wood”. We use them for our bug spraying as well so they gave us a deal. Hopefully this will keep those annoying little critters at bay. They also drilled at the same time.

Wells Fargo – We got our loan through them. There were a lot of hoops, but the guy we were working with kept things moving and kept us in the loop. Super nice guy also. He definitely earned his 0.5%.

Larry and Sandy Mansel – These are real estate agents we used to buy our previous home and this one. Larry is also a firefighter. They are great folks and definitely know their stuff. We will be using them to sell the home we live in once we can move into the one we just bought. They service most of the Memphis area and I highly recommend them if you are looking to buy. I’ve never sold a house with them so I don’t really know about that experience, but I’ll be sure to provide an update once ours is sold.

We are still looking for who we want to paint the outside of the house (it needs it!)… and I’ll update this post when it is done.

This house will be great when we get it into shape. For now, it just keeps costing more money. It’s not quite a money pit, but we learn something new about it every day. It has a lot of… character. The good news is that with good people that we can count on to do the job we atleast are comforted to know the money will only have to be spent once.

Apr 19

2002 Nissan Pathfinder Check Engine Soon – Reset

Recently I had an issue with my 2002 Nissan Pathfinder. A battery that was causing a sluggish start needed to be replaced. I took it to Autozone. They replaced the battery. At that point the pathfinder had NO POWER. I mean NONE. I started poking around with the fuses and found that somehow the “Main Battery” fuse (a behemoth of a fuse in the engine compartment) had blown. I won’t get into the two hours or so it took the autozone guy to replace the fuse. It has two screws holding it in (yeah, the fuse has screws holding it in) and is encased in such a way that you cannot get to them without removing the whole box). Well, maybe you can if you have a special tool… but they didn’t so it took close to two hours.

Anyway, we took out the fuel pump fuse to make room for the screw driver. We got the battery fuse replaced and I hopped in to start the car. It made the worst noise ever. Then i realized we probably hadn’t put the fuelpump fuse back into its place. Sure enough. We put it back in and voila! It started. Now I had a new problem. The check engine light was on. The autozone guy read the code and said it read that the fuel pump signal was low (actually had been low)… obviously… it had no fuse at one point! I asked him to just reset it and he said they were no longer allowed to turn of the light! I would have to figure out how myself or have it done at a dealer / authorized service location.

So i looked around and found the following. It took me 4 or 5 tries. But it worked eventually. You have to get the timing just right or it won’t work so don’t give up too quickly.

  1. Turn key to ‘on’ for 3 seconds (but do not start)
  2. Step on gas five times within 5 seconds (I tried to do exactly once per second).
  3. Wait seven seconds (yes, count them).
  4. Hold gas pedal down for 10 seconds.
  5. At this point the light will start blinking out codes. I let it blink for what appeared to be a full cycle. I saw 10 quick flashes 3 times along with some other stuff between.
  6. Once you know the codes or decide you just don’t care you need to push and hold the gas pedal down for 10 seconds again. At the end of the 10 seconds it will quite blinking codes and just keep blinking 10 blink sets.
  7. Turn off the key. Wait 3 seconds. Start the car. The service engine light should be off. Enjoy.

If you don’t want to trust me on it (I was sceptical) here are some others that reference the solution. In the first link there is a guy who thought he screwed up his car using the method. He was wrong. There was another issue he needed to resolve. In the second link it is simply mentioned that this is the way to do it for an 02 pathfinder.



Like I said, it took me a few tries to get it. I actually tried it a few times, came in side and got mad, did some more research (found the first link), went back out and tried a couple more times and it worked. Just try to get close to the specified times and it will work.

[Update, maybe the picture will help describe things. Looks worth a thousand words to me…]


Mar 01

Save some money when registering domains

I just registered some new domain names and while I was checking out with godaddy I noticed the coupon code box. I normally just ignore such items and move on because I very rarely have a coupon. Then I remembered that my wife ALWAYS looks for a coupon before buying anything online. I always make fun of her… but these domains were going to be bought by “the business”. For some reason I am much more conservative with the the business’ funds than I am with my own. This is probably because I want the business to be self sustaining or maybe it’s just my baby and I don’t want “it” to make the same mistakes I have made… in any case the business is a penny pincher. So I decided to do a search for some coupons… it turned out to be worth it. My original total for what I was buying (2 .com + 2 .net) was $46 or so. When I got done I had spent about $35.  That’s close to 25% savings. Not a ton, but the savings amounts to another domain I can purchase or any number of other small things that startups can do with $10 whether it be a month of advertising or whatever.

I figured I would pass on the codes I found that were active at the time. Some of them supposedly do not expire.

  1. yhkw105a = 6.99 .com (or other???) renewals/new
  2. cjcdeal749 FOR ($7.49 .NET, .ORG, .BIZ domains, new registrations only)
  3. OYH3 – 2.50 off / $7.45 any .COM (new an renewals)
  4. BTPS7 – 20% any order of $50 or more
  5. OYH1 – 10% off whatever
  6. OYH2 – $5 off a $30 purchase
  7. gdr0244d = 10% .net

I used 1 and 2 to do mine. They are not stackable (or I was not able to stack them) so I ended up having to check out twice – once for the .com and the other for the .net – but it was a lazy morning and it only took about 5 extra minutes. So, if I do the math that comes out to about $120 an hour…

I won’t guarantee these will last forever, but I didn’t see any expirations on them. Hopefully someone else will find them useful.