Oct 01

Peeve worthy: Unsavory links that don’t tell you they are unsavory

I want to mention one of my newer peeves to you folks and see if people agree.

I do web stuff. Sometimes I look to buy websites. If a website makes some money then maybe I buy it for 10-15 times that amount and eventually I make my money back. There are ALL KINDS OF SCAMS involved in this so it’s a messy situation sometimes, but when everything is on the up-and-up it can be a win for everyone. But when someone does something shady or just inconsiderate then it can be frustrating. This post is about an inconsiderate person. What follows is the story.

I’m was looking over at digitalpoint for a website to buy. I spent a few hours looking and finally settled on this site that is supposedly making a couple hundred bucks a month. It’s and image related site pix-ol-something-or-another… doesn’t matter. Really, that’s would cost like $2500 to buy and that is out of my budget, but if it was a GREAT deal I’d have to atleast consider considering it. So anyway, I read the description, the price, check out the analytics, etc. There is a lot of traffic so I’m thinking “this might actually be a good deal”. Then I decide to go to the site to see what it is. Standard operating procedure. The first page just basically asks if you want to upload an files. I say no… and BAM… nakedness all over the screen. That’s right, apparently guy was selling an “adult” site and didn’t bother mentioning it in the ad. Jerk.

So what bothers me? Well, I do this same type of research during the day sometimes on the weekend and possibly even at work. It just so happens that while, in this case, it was the weekend the kids were already in bed and not goofing off where they can see over daddy’s shoulder. That was a relief at least. Also, there are people that have legitimate problems and addictions to those types of sites and by linking to them without warning people may be unduly caused to stumble in their efforts to heal. What if I had been at my day job? I could be in the unemployment line because some putz didn’t bother mentioning the site he was selling was “not safe for work”. It’s definitely not a thing to play around with.

Who knows… maybe I’m just an old fogy and should get over it, but it just seems like people should have a little more respect for one another and IF a person might be taking someone down path that could cause issues they should at least be warned about what lies ahead.