Jan 17

Found a new fantasy basketball / stat site

Everyday a fantasy basketball site called StatBattle.com posts the players who got double-doubles and triple-doubles. They also post the leaders (and the losers) in your other major fantasy categories. I am addicted to the site (finally just set them up in my RSS). It makes it easy to digest players performances from a fantasy perspective in comparison to other players performances.  It also allows you to spot those WOW lines when you have a list of only the good performances. You might not even spot a 20-20 game in with all the other boxscores. But when it is listed with only the elite performances of the evening it is much easier to appreciate them all. Anyway, check it out.

Jan 04

SignAndTrade released some new fantasy sports tools yesterday

I just thought I would let everyone know that SignAndTrade released some new fantasy basketball tools in the last couple of days. See their blog for the details over what I provide. One of the new tools I really like. It is good for analyzing groups of players (from a statistical perspective). You can even do two groups at once to see how they stack up against each other (think “before/after” or “trade analysis”). They also have some new player rater tools and supposedly tweaked one of their rating algorithms to be a little more accurate. If  you play fantasy basketball, it might be worth checking these tools out.