Apr 02

How to Copy Files Via scp from Linux to Windows

I recently had a project I took on that involved me wanting to do some super secret stuff. The super secret stuff generated logs, and I wanted to move those logs as “near real time” from my super secret computer to my web server. I didn’t want to give ANYTHING access to my super secret server so it had to be able PUSH data. My jobs were running on a Linux box and the web server was a Windows machine with an ssh server on it (Bitvise SSH – trial edition).

In the end it worked! To get there was a pain, so I’m going to try to hit the high points here to minimize the pain for someone else.

The short version is:

1. Install an SSH server on the windows machine (I used bitvise WinSSHD).

2. Make sure your Linux (I was on linux) has scp, ssh, and all those other goodies.

3. On the linux box run: ssh-keygen -t rsa (do this without entering a password/pass phrase)

What that does is generate a public / private key pair that you can use rather than a password when connecting to a remote machine. So it’ll generate a pair of files – one private key and one public. You want to take the public one and IMPORT it into the the ssh server tool on the target machine under the username you want to connect as. Now when you connect you can skip your password!

So here’s me sending a file from a linux machine to a windows machine. I can still this command in a bash script and that’s all there is to it! It takes the file called cmdFileToCopy in the linux directory /home/ja/  and it uploads it to the windows computer located at “myserver.com”  under the username ‘mywindowsuser’ placing it in the folder “C:\temp”.

# scp /home/ja/cmdFileToCopy mywindowsuser@myserver.com:”C:\temp”

Hopefully you find that useful. Free free to commend below and fill in the details. Over time I’ll come back and flesh this out.

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Jan 07

VirtualBox – Windows 8.1 64bit on MacOSx Mavericks – error 0x000000c4 resolution

Running windows 8.1 64 bit inside virtual box was not completely painless. I had one issue getting it started that really drove me bonkers so I’m documenting the fix. Basically it requires a command line fix. We’ll need the virtual machine’s name so open the terminal and run:

# vboxmanage list vms

It will output the names of the virtual machines and their respective guid:

Example Output: [I named my machine "asinc-win8-64-d"]
"asinc-win8-64-d" {b1a4a89f-5abe-4509-929e-5ab484f9b37b}

You’ll need the name for the next terminal command that actually fixes the problem. Note the command is only 1 line long and ends with [space] then the numeral 1. CMPXCHG16B is all one “word”. Sorry about the formatting…

# vboxmanage setextradata "virtualmachinenamehere" VBoxInternal/CPUM/CMPXCHG16B 1

So after you type that you’ll need to restart virtual box. It should work after that.

Here’s where I found the info if you care. https://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=50648

Aug 22

Locating Wifi Users Spatially – Are there tools to make it happen?

Okay, guys. The saga continues. In previous installments I’ve discussed my reasons for leaving my wireless access point open (or not open). In general I’d prefer it be open  partially because I want to be a nice guy and partially because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to tell legitimate users (short term guests, family, contractors, visitors) how to connect to the internet. I hate being at the bowling alley and having to ask them how to connect, and even though my house is in a neighborhood if someone needs to connect I don’t really want to have to get involved.

An issue reared its head (again) last night while I was working on one of my websites. All of a sudden my internet speed went to nothing. It was late at night so I thought about just saying “woohoo BED TIME”, but I really wanted to get what I was working on done. Then I got curious. I went and checked my wireless router and saw that there was an extra device making use of it. I’d seen this before and had little slow downs, but it’s usually during off hours and I don’t need full throttle so I don’t worry about it.This time it was somehow affecting my own ability to do work and that is enough to get me agitated.

I didn’t do anything about it because it became an interesting thing to think about… how could I actually find out which person around me it was making use of my connection? Was it my neighbor that is only steps from my house? What about my other neighbor that is a little further away but still within range since there are no obstructions between our houses. Maybe it was an across the street neighbor? Maybe it was someone who wasn’t a neighbor at all and was just parked in the street in the general vicinity. Maybe one of the people that live in the house bought themselves a new cellphone / tablet and didn’t tell me and they’re playing on it or updating an OS or something huge like that. How could I find out?

Well, eventually I fell asleep in my chair and I didn’t come up with an answer, and even today I don’t have one. But what I’m thinking would be cool would be some kind of way of the router being able to tell you the general direction an incoming signal is coming from. My particular router has two antenna so it seems like it’s at least POSSIBLE if the router was smart enough. Or maybe someone out there knows of a cool gadget that I could buy that I could hold in my hand and walk around with that would be a sort of “man in the middle device”. It would be integrated with the router such that it could take over connections and forward them on to the router, but be mobile and be able to actually measure things like traffic speed to the connecting device. So as you carried this gadget around and walked away from a device you’d see the speed drop, and as you walked towards it the speed would go up… sort of a “hotter, colder” game. atleast then I could stand on one of of my house and know if the signal was coming from that direction or not.

I think it would be neat and definitely functional. It would allow me to stroll on over to a particular neighbor’s house and deal with them directly and politely rather than having to just cut it off for everyone or start banning devices.

Have any of you seen such a tool or bit of functionality in an existing router? Or another device that would actually help me solve this mystery? Maybe there’s a device out there that does this an much more. Maybe I’d have to buy three routers that all respond to the same channels and work together as a team and then they could be used to pinpoint all connected devices (spatially). I don’t know, but it’s an interesting thought experiment and something I would have found useful, so I thought I’d put the question out there. If one of you invents such a device now send me a note – maybe I’ll be your first customer!

Jun 12

Understanding Behavioral Interview Questions

It’s been a while since I’ve been job hunting, but recently a good friend of mine and I had a conversation where she shared with me how “difficult” a recent job interview had been for her. My friend isn’t much of a complainer so it made me curious about what had been so hard about the interview. She went on to explain that it SHOULD have been easy, but since she wasn’t prepared properly she thought she’d bombed it. That made me even more curious, because I know this girl knows her field top to bottom.

It turns out that the interview was not a technical interview – those measure what you know. This interview wasn’t about what she knew. She wasn’t mentally prepared for it because it was a different type of interview. One that is known as a behavioral interview. Basically, in a behavioral interview the interviewee is asked questions that probe for specific past behaviors with the theory that past behaviors will be a predictor of future behavior. So, if the interviewer wants to know how you’ll react in a situation that you’re likely to face in their workplace then they can ask you how you’ve acted in similar situations before and also “how that worked out”.

Instead of asking a candidate for a manager position how they THINK someone should deal with an employee who is often tardy (a question that can be “studied for”) the interviewer can instead ask the candidate to “tell me about a time when you had to deal with an employee who was unable to get to work on time. What was the end result?”

Now, as someone answering these types of questions all you can really do is tell the truth… it’s hard for most people to lie on the spot about specific situations that didn’t happen at all. So that means they’ll get honest answers that are completely relevant and only “fact based” not “what you want to hear based”, right? Well mostly.

In reality, to maximize your interview, you’ll definitely want to tell the truth, but then also ANALYZE the truth out loud. This gives you an opportunity to be truthful, to describe a less than ideal behavior that you’ve acted out before (this gives credibility that you’ve atleast really faced the situation). But then, whether you acted well or not,  you can also add something like “if I was presented with the same situation again I’d do xyz because pdq”. That was where my friend failed. She answered the questions that she could, but several times she told them “true stories” about how she had behaved, but she didn’t follow up with WHY she would or would not do the same thing again.

I only pass this along because she was really upset about her performance and we both agreed when it was done that it was really a good experience that she learned from… even I learned from it!

I, having been out of the market of job interviews (not actively seeking a change in employment), hadn’t really studied up on the topic. I have now. There are several good sites out there with great information on behavioral interview questions categorized by topic (leadership, business acumen, ethical issues, etc) and by position type (managers, leaders, nurses, mechanics, etc).

For some reason I actually like reading the questions I linked to and thinking about my answers… imaging an interviewer sitting across from be being awed by the depth of my experiences and the wisdom it has gained me! (Note: lots of sarcasm in that last sentence… i don’t have that much wisdom and my experiences are deeper than some but no where near the others). Either way, going through the occasional questions allows for some reflection about my previous experiences and corresponding actions / results.

If you’ve got some free time OR you’re at all interested in becoming better in job interviews then I recommend checking out that website. See how you feel about answering the questions that are relevant to the type of position you’d be seeking before you go on your next interview. Look through the job description and see which categories of questions are liable to be important and work on answering a few of them before the interview. Being aware, being practiced, and being prepared might be the difference! Good luck!

Apr 24

Increase someones costs too much and they’ll pay attention – you might not like it

This writeup is in response to an article I just read about the “walk outs” at the fast food restaurants in NY and Chicago recently. In the articles I read there is so much glee about how these people are standing up for themselves and how it heartening to see these people as for what they “deserve”. Here’s another report on it. I will bet you that 90% of these people have no idea what actually goes in to running the company. They don’t care if the owner / operator had to take a second mortgage to make payroll last month due to a mad cow scare. They don’t care if a competing restaurant / shop opened next door and revenue just dropped 10%. They don’t see it and they don’t care. They just want “what they deserve” and they’re free to make up whatever value suits them. They think that what they say they “need” (which is typically how much they “want”… because we American’s are forgetful sometimes that there is a difference) is what they actually “deserve”. It’s simply not true.

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time you’ll quickly find that I’m all for making money and that I want people to do well. I want employees (people who work for other people) to be treated well, and I want business owners, the risk takers, to get as much return on their investment, yes, profit, as possible. If the risk takers can’t be profitable, then their incentive to actually take a risk disappears so its really in everyone’s best interest that profit, even “obscene profits”, continue to be possible.

So what about the employees? Should they get a cut of the profits? If someone works at Wendy’s should they be paid a percentage of what the restaurant makes instead of minimum wage? Should they be paid $15 an hour just because they feel like that is a living wage? I’m not saying that the don’t need to have a certain amount of income to pay their bills. They very well might, but that’s not their employer’s problem, that’s their problem.

As someone who is trying to pull his own business up by the boot straps I am well aware that an employee is often necessary. If I need a job done (or commonly several jobs done but I can only do one) it makes sense for me to find out who can do the other job(s). I’ll interview several candidates and determine which one I think can do the job the best, which one can do the job for the least money, which one will require the least “management”, which one I feel like I can trust, etc.  Then I try to hire the person that is the intersection of those items – or, more accurately, the best mix.

My job as the business owner is to make sure that my hire is profitable, right? I mean, it’s got to at least break even or it’s just throwing money away. Hell, breaking even isn’t all that great unless I build a nice salary in for myself rather than taking the profits home and living off of them. If I believe that hiring you will cause me to be more profitable then that’s what I’ll do. If you’re up against someone else and I believe that hiring them would make me more profitable than if I hired you then guess who I’m going to hire? Seriously, if YOU were running the business which one would you hire? The one that helped you make payroll and put a little aside for reserves for the lean months or the one that made it possible to keep treading water? (As an aside, this is why many people have jobs created FOR them by simply approaching the interview process the right way. If you can walk in the door and, instead of saying you need a job, say that you can help make me more profitable… you’ve got my ear… the same is true for any business owner)

For the sake of argument, let’s say the employees involved in these strikes do know something about the business and ownership financials. Let’s say they understand and all they really want is what they think will allow the company to “break even” and the owner to a “reasonable profit”. Well, as an investor, as a risk taker, I’ll tell you to take a hike if you make me an offer where I take risk and only you get the guaranteed reward. If I have to deal with people who take no risk, but who want to tell me the right way or make demands of me then then that actually ups the required profit incentive needed to get me to take a risk myself. The bigger the PITA (pain the the arse) the bigger the need for a bigger profit.

If we assume I’m in  business to make a profit then we’ve got a problem when my labor costs go up. That dips into profits, right? Well, then I’ve only got a few options – assuming eating the loss is not an option. Obviously I’d just close shop before I keep eating a loss if I saw no way to turn it around.

But how might I try to turn it around? I can lay off some workers and require the others to be more efficient so that labor costs go back to where they were. I can cut some other expense, maybe close earlier (so I won’t pay as much electricity and I won’t have to pay as many labor hours). None of those are good for my employees or my customers so maybe I need to find some to new revenue instead. Let’s see… I either need to add a new revenue stream (find something to sell that I wasn’t already selling) or I need to increase my prices on my existing product. Customers don’t usually like that, but they might put up with it up to a point, but eventually, they will not, and business will suffer.

There is another solution though. Robots. Laugh if you want, but I’m serious. Utilizing robots a business can keep prices where they are, and maybe even lower them! They can actually increase their hours of operation – in fact it would make sense to do so. The customers will be happy! But guess who won’t… that’s right, the employees that were so ecstatic about getting their raise. Guess who else won’t be happy, the tax collector who doesn’t get the income tax money, the social security tax money, the unemployment tax money, etc. They’d be wise to stay out of business… not make it more difficult.

Let me ask you this: Did you ever get a cable bill and go “WTF? Why did it go up another 10%? I’m not getting any more value so why are they charging me more?” This may result in “I’m switching to satellite!” or “I’m dropping my cable and I’ll just spend more time reading”.

Well, that’s how an employee that can be replaced with a robot looks eventually. The employer may not want to do it. It may actually be painful for the employer to make that change on a number of levels. But the labor is a significant cost that just got significant raised and that could be lowered. It’s a cost that in an ideal world would never have been allowed to get that high. The cost probably can’t be walked back down. There’d be too many hard feelings and too much animosity in the work place among people who were to immature to see what problems they were causing. You probably can’t just lower the cost… you have to get rid of it and then replace it.

The sad thing is that when the employee was making a lesser amount it wasn’t even worth the employers time to think about a costly and cumbersome replacement that would have major effects on the way the day to day business is operated. But when the employee demanded (and used pressure) to receive a raise that was too large it gave the business owner a kick in the rear. It woke the employer up and demanded of them to find a “better”, sustainable, affordable solution.

That’s where we’re heading I think. There are robots that make chinese noodles. There is increasingly good voice recognition software and apps that be can used to order at a drive through. There are robots that can fill drink cups. There are robots can make fries and burgers. All of these things will only become better AND cheaper. All the while, many of the people who currently do these jobs are becoming more demanding of higher wages and benefits. It might not have been worth it for some of these operations to look into robotic employees while wages were in line with costs, but when a significant change in costs takes place employers will shift their attention to finding cost savings.

These workers have done nothing but started the process of signing their own termination of employment letters. The bright side is that at least they will have helped create jobs for robotic techs and the slew of other jobs this growing industry will create! Here’s hoping that with the extra money these workers are demanding from their employers they are buying training (investing in themselves) to work in the field that takes over their own jobs that they caused to disappear.

Mar 21

The EFF has it half right about open wireless

I’ve posted a couple of times about my wireless network – how I have it set up, how I’ve set it up wrong before,  how I’ve decided to keep it closed, how I’ve failed to actually keep it closed, etc. But guess what? I’m back with another installment of my wireless musings. I closed it up last time I wrote, but then I opened it because it was “easier” and now I’m probably headed back to be a scrooge until I find a good solution. So here’s a bit of background.

I run an internet related business and have a pretty decent connection running into my house. For business purposes I have several people / systems hooked up to one or more routers and they all use that internet connection.  Now, the easiest thing for me to do is to just leave the wireless network open so that no one needs to know any passwords to use it or anything like that. It would make that particular part of my life much easier if everyone could just connect and me not have to be involved in the process at all. But, alas, as I mentioned previously, there are some people out there who take advantage of the open access point. I really mean TAKE ADVANTAGE OF, not just USE. So, I go from trying to do something nice (leave the access point open) to just being annoyed at people for using excessive bandwidth and reducing the amount that my servers have at their disposal to do their job.

So bandwidth is one issue, but there’s also the issue of liability. It gives me a modicum of comfort know that the EFF thinks people with open routers should be treated as an ISP – you should get the same protection. But I haven’t really seen anything that says that you WILL get the same protection. To me, this means that if someone tries to do any of several nefarious activities utilizing my network connection that I may or may not be able to claim that the bits simply crossed over my router and be released of responsibility. I may open myself up to a hassle (or worse)… and for what? It also just now occurred to me as I type this that ISPs must maintain logs of usage for a certain amount of time. If I run an open access would I be responsible for maintaining such logs of usage? I would think that it would significantly reduce people’s desire to participate in providing open wifi if they had additional regulations to deal with.

I’ve mentioned two issues with the open router question. One is the bandwidth issue and the other is the liability issue. For the bandwidth issue I’ve recently read about (you networking gurus don’t get all high and mighty with me… I try not to know everything about this stuff and really I just want something that WORKS and that I don’t have to know HOW it works… you’ve probably known about this software for years) some custom firmware [DDWRT] that you can install on routers that allows for a LOT finer control. So, for example, you could set up a list of mac addresses to get unlimited bandwidth and then limit unknown mac address (likely your guests) to a different, lower bandwidth and even apply a usage cap per mac address. I don’t know if my router can accept this software, but I’m going to look into it. Doing so would at least alleviate the bandwidth hog issues and leave me to only worry about the liability issue.

I am working on finding a “hard and fast” answer to the liability question so if any of you out there have a resource for me that answers unambiguously how things would actually work then I’d like to hear from you. Ideally it would be case law, but educated discussion on the matter would be welcome also.

Feb 24

New Router – Wife is happy, Mom is happy, I am happy, apparently neighborhood is happy

So, I got a new router last weekend because my mom (she lives with me not the other way around) wasn’t getting hardly any signal in her room and my old router was a couple of years old so I figured there was probably some new tech that would do the job better.

I found the latest and greatest NetGear router, and let me just say “this thing rocks”! The signal is great! We’ve got GIGABIT WIRELESS capability. The range is great too… almost too good! lol.

I’ve noticed a couple of time where things just really seem to be running a bit slow as far as network connectivity was concerned. I often work late at night when, seems to me, bandwidth should be less of a problem, but I’ve found that since I got the new router that it was actually sometimes much slower! Crazy, right? Well, not really.

It turns out that when I started poking around in the admin panel to see what the deal was I found that there were quite a few more “connected devices” than the number of devices I even own much less operate regularly. It turns out that with the increased range I had apparently become the default ISP for several people in the area! This is kinda cool because it shows that it works way better (range wise). But it’s not cool because I want my bandwidth… I did not buy it for them. Plus, I run a business out of my house and I don’t need some knucklehead I don’t even know causing me trouble down the road by misusing my connection.

I spent the next 1/2 hour going through each and every page of the admin panel to make sure I didn’t leave any access means unsecured. This thing has two channels of wireless and then a guest network also. I only knew about one prior to going through all the settings! I thought about turning on logging so  I could see what the invaders were doing, but that just seemed wrong. They could have been simply passing through and some might have not even realized they were on someone elses account if their wireless had switched just because my signal was stronger. I value my privacy so I try to treat others as I would want to be when it comes to that. That being the case I simply secured all the wireless access options and cleared the logs. I’m hoping that now I’ll no longer be sharing my bandwidth with passerbys and neighbors… I’ll keep an eye on the “connected devices” for a few days to be sure, but I’m pretty sure I got it handled.

All in all, I love this router. If you have a router more than a few years old it’s probably worth looking at an upgrade. Just be sure to pay attention to your security settings (I probably accidently turned them off – I seriously doubt it defaulted to open but Ican’t be sure) and you’ll be pleased with your choice!


Feb 03

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Guitar Chords

I bought a guitar today. I do not have much knowledge about playing the guitar and I bought it with the intention of learning a new skill and just having a good time with it. I’m hoping to learn to play over the next few months. As will be the case with kids mine thought I am apparently a professional guitar player as soon as they saw it and within a few minutes they were begging me to play “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic” for them. Of course, I didn’t know how, but I told them I’d try to learn it. I found this video on youtube video which is an awesome electric guitar cover of the My Little Pony song. In the comment section someone posted the chord progression so I’m well on my way. Here it is if you’re interested!

The video:

A link to it in case you don’t see it above.

The chords:
(D) My Little Pony,
(A) My Little Pony
(G) Ah, (A) ah, (Bm) ah, (C#) ah
(D) My Little Pony
(Bm) I used to wonder
(A) what friendship could be
(D) My Little Pony
(Bm) Until you all shared its
(A) magic with me
(G) Big adventure
(Bm) Tons of fun A
(A) beautiful heart Faithful and strong
(A) (G) Sharing kindness It’s an
(Bm) easy feat And
(A) magic makes it all complete You have
(D) My Little Pony
(Bm) Do you know you are my
(A) very best friends (G)(A)(Bm)(C#)(D)

Oct 29

10 ways for making money off of free eBooks

Ebooks are one of those things that can really divide people. But for a weird reason. Some people feel that because ebooks can be copied for free that it is somehow not as valuable to have an ebook as it is to have a hardcopy. That somehow people are being cheated when asked to pay the same prices for an ebook as they are are asked to pay for the hard copy version. In my opinion, this is just crazy talk. The value of a book is in the information / entertainment value that it provides… not its format.

So I was reading a question online the other day where someone wanted to know how they could make money off of their eBook. I’ve got atleast 8 thoughts on that so here goes (in no particular order).

1. You could embed affiliate links to other books within the ebook
2. You can offer additional content that supplements the eBook for a fee.
3. Require an email address/newsletter subscription before sending the free eBook, and then try and monetize through the future interactions.
4. Offer physical copies of the book for a fee if readers scoff at the idea of paying for the eBook.
5. Break the eBook up into smaller parts for an email newsletter series, and monetize in the newsletter
6 .Turn the ebook into a mutipage website and populate with Google Ads
7. Sell resale rights, PLR, etc.
8. Write additional eBooks and then use your free ebooks to advertise the pay books.

Basically it all boils down to providing a quality bit of content! If you’ve done that then the actual delivery method of that content can be tweaked until one or more models are found that enable a profit to be made. But in the end, the worst case, is that with the eBook you are able to set yourself up as an expert and to use it to drive more sales in later endeavors. Just make sure your work is quality!

Do you have experience with this type of endeavor? What do you think about these ideas?

Sep 13

Formatting and Final Steps in e-book Publishing

What a busy few weeks it’s been! I got what is pretty close to my final draft done on my ebook and I’ve been working on formatting and getting a book cover designed. Here’s a little about the process.

I’ve decided that step 1 will be to completely self publish. I’ll be publishing on Kindle and on Barnes And Noble because it is free to do so as long as you’re willing to do the work yourself. Since the majority of ebooks are sold through those two outlets I’m okay with temporarily missing out on the possible revenue at Apple / iTunes. I’ll also be publishing via my own website using e-junkie.com as the delivery mechanism. I’ve only been working with e-junkie for a few months, but they make my life so much easier… and it won’t cost me a penny over what I’m already paying to add my book as a product along with my existing products AND that they will deliver to customers after purchase!

My reason for skipping the Apple route is because they require an ISBN and those aren’t cheap. I did find that it would be an option to go through SmashWords and that they will give you a free ISBN when you publish through them. To publish through SmashWords you have to create a “SmashWords Edition” of your ebook (I think you just change the title page to say “Smashwords Edition” and that’s it), so I’ll definitely be doing this after I’ve got my own versions out there. Smashwords also takes a 10% cut so by self publishing to Amazon and B&N I can keep those nickels and quarters for myself and just pay the 10% commission on the places I can’t sell without their help.

After I wrote the initial book I was trying to decide how to get the book converted to the necessary formats. I was going to hire someone via elance, and the bids weren’t too bad (about $100 USD), but since I didn’t know what was involved I was uncomfortable paying just about any cost. I decided instead to go through the Smashwords Style guide to format the manuscript for auto conversion. I can’t say enough about how helpful that guide was. I read it through all the way once and then did the conversion according to the “nuclear option” mentioned. It took me about 1 day to do my 100 or so pages book, and I’m pretty confident that it will go through whatever conversions tools are out there. In the end I think I made the right decision. I saved a little bit a money and learned a lot about what Microsoft Word can do. I didn’t have to let my manuscript out into the world, and I don’t have to worry about someone doing it wrong and then me having to figure out what they did. I recommend you do it yourself when the time comes if you have the time to do it.

Now, for the cover I hired someone via elance. I posted the job, got about 15 bids in 48 hours and then just had to select the best one. I can tell you that in my bid I asked for both the cover and various banner ad sizes. The woman I selected to do the job has been great to get started with and I should have the first concept my hands in the coming days. She priced her bid very reasonably, not too expensive and not so cheap as to make think her work was cheap. I’ll let you know how it turns out and if it turns out really well I’ll post a link to her profile on elance.com to help both you and her out. As it is today I’m debating just getting the book out there without a cover so it will be available for sale. Maybe I’ll create a quick cover with just basic large friendly letters. I’m antsy because it’s a basketball related book and we’re coming up on basketball season. I don’t want to lose sales waiting on a book cover. Thoughts?

I’ve also included a few links below to things I found useful when going through this process.


How to upload to Kindle Store (pdf)

A writeup about the parts of a book and what goes in each part – a pretty awesome website (writersandeditors.com) with lots of great content for writers

That’s it for this installment. I’ll be sure to post some more once my book is actually out there somewhere. For now, good luck in your own efforts!